Inmar Intelligence | August 9, 2018

Inmar Analytics: Load-to-Card Offers Achieve Record High Redemption

Today, Inmar announced findings from Inmar Analytics' 2018 Mid-Year Promotion Industry Analysis. Inmar's proprietary data revealed a continued trend of Load-to-Card coupons becoming more widely adopted by marketers and shoppers alike, with increases in distribution volume (38 percent) and redemption volume (35 percent) driving a record redemption rate of 7.07 percent in the first half of the year.

Closer analysis of the data found that Load-to-Card coupons for both food and non-food categories saw increases in distribution volume, 55 percent and 30 percent, respectively and increases in redemption volume, 31 percent and 36 percent, respectively.

Despite this record growth, there is still a tremendous opportunity for brands and retailers to make Load-to-Card a larger part of their promotions mix. Load-to-Card continues to be redeemed at a disproportionately high rate relative to total distribution. Despite accounting for only 1.4 percent of total coupons distributed, Load-to-Card accounts for 14.5 percent of total coupons redeemed.

"As the food retailing industry faces continual disruption and increasing competition, smarter, more cost-effective strategies for winning and maintaining shopper loyalty are critical for brands and retailers to succeed," said David Mounts, Chairman and CEO of Inmar. "Brands and retailers need to carefully examine their promotion mix and align their investments with shopper behavior. Marketers would be well-served to increase their investment in Load-to-Card offers even further given this increase in shopper adoption. "

Load-to-Card offers allow marketers to deliver personalized digital offers at scale, which Inmar Analytics' shopper research finds is increasingly in demand. According to Inmar Analytics' 2018 Shopper Behavior Study, more than half of shoppers want offers based on their purchase habits. Inmar helps clients meet this demand through Intelligent Offers, a solution delivering hyper-relevant, high-impact Load-to-Card offers at key national and regional retailers that position brands to drive trial, maintain loyalty, and protect against competitive pressures.

More information about the Inmar Analytics' 2018 Mid-Year Promotion Industry Analysis, can be found here.

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