Inmar Inc. | October 16, 2017

Inmar Acquires reach | influence Marketing Analytics Company Focused on the Shopper Experience

Inmar announced today that it has acquired Detroit, Michigan-based reach | influence, a marketing analytics company focused on powering the shopper experience to leverage retail shopper data to increase sales. The acquisition builds on a five-year partnership between the companies to deliver tools, technology and related services for independent grocers to serve consumers everywhere they shop.

As one company, Inmar and reach | influence are positioned to enable a wealth of additional resources to help independents, including greater access to digital promotion dollars, a dedicated Inmar analytics team, and direct access to the technology that enables independents to come together to have the size, scale, distribution and efficiency necessary to be a virtual chain from a technology perspective.

"Retail is in a period of unprecedented change. We believe independent retailers and emerging brands have a unique opportunity to serve consumers through a personalized experience that resonates with them; however, to do so independents must harness the insights that technology and data afford," says Inmar Chairman and CEO David Mounts.

Mounts believes that the addition of reach I influence's data solutions and relationships to those of Inmar delivers powerful capabilities to further Inmar's commitment to help independent retailers and emerging brands succeed in today's market. Inmar also operates a Brand Center of Excellence to provide emerging brands with the data, tools and strategies they need to take full advantage of new and unprecedented growth opportunities developing in today's marketplace. Inmar's newest Hopster Mobile Rebates technology will further empower independents not quite ready for Load-to-Card. The combination of reach I influence and Hopster Mobile Rebates will enable brands to fully engage the independent marketplace.

Recently, John Ross, who helped expand Inmar's promotion business through data and technology innovation became CEO of IGA, International Grocers Alliance, a long-standing reach | influence /Inmar client. John served as president, Promotions, and was instrumental in its growth to become the most powerful digital activator of this market segment.

"Inmar and reach | influence became partners in February 2013 and the strength of the combination was obvious from the start. This partnership continued to build steam and culminated in this transaction. Combined, we will accelerate growth and innovation in the collective grocery market," said Eric Green, CEO of reach | influence. "Our longevity of working together to serve retail clients will only enhance our ability to innovate and provide world-class technology and service to current and future clients."