Inmar Inc. | December 11, 2017

Inmar Acquires RASMAS from Noblis

Inmar today announced that it has acquired RASMAS from Noblis Inc., a Reston, Va. based nonprofit science, technology and strategy organization. RASMAS is a web-based subscription service that provides comprehensive notification, distribution, organization and management of product alerts and recalls throughout the healthcare industry.

Inmar, a leading provider of recall and product withdrawal services for both pharmaceutical and consumer goods in the U.S. and Canada, has served as the exclusive reseller of RASMAS on behalf of Noblis, Inc. for the past eight years. RASMAS helps its pharmacy clients reduce alert processing time by up to 80 percent - decreasing patient exposure to potentially harmful products. The RASMAS system automatically notifies users when they are affected by recalls by comparing purchase history information with each notification released to increase efficiency and enable products to be removed from shelves faster.

This acquisition, along with that of MedEx and EXP Pharmaceutical Services, further positions Inmar as a powerful ally for healthcare organizations. The MedEx suite of products is designed to automate preparation of medications and track, secure, distribute and confirm medication deliveries in health systems. EXP's core business of pharmaceutical returns and recalls enabled Inmar to extend its pharmacy financial management services into the hospital market, where EXP had developed a strong presence.

"Speed, accuracy and agility are critical in today's marketplace — these are the tools that deliver consumer value whether in healthcare, consumer goods, or government. Response times are expected to be in real time," says Inmar Chairman and CEO David Mounts. "RASMAS' use of data and artificial intelligence, combined with Inmar's data, innovation and real time reach, have implications that extend far beyond the current application."

"Noblis is proud of the impact we've made on patient safety through the development of RASMAS," said Amr ElSawy, Noblis President and CEO. "Inmar has a deep understanding and appreciation of RASMAS and the value it provides to its customers and to patients. We are pleased to know that this important service will continue to grow and evolve as part of their services."

Financial details associated with the transaction were not disclosed.