Inmar Inc. | May 15, 2018

eCommerce Consumer Decision Trees Show National Brands Winning Online

Inmar announced today an innovative offering for retailers and CPG manufacturers: Consumer Decision Trees (CDTs) On-Demand. A subscription-based, online portal, CDTs On-Demand enables easy access to eCommerce CDTs with one click. By analyzing details from eCommerce baskets, companies can better understand how consumers shop online and then make more informed decisions when it comes to designing optimal page layouts and determining effective assortment ranges.

Inmar's CDTs On-Demand offering is a cost-effective tool that helps trading partners know which product attributes are more or less important to consumers when shopping online, as well as, provides other important measures like walk-switch rates, incrementality, substitutability scores and manufacturer retention rates. The portal is pre-loaded with eCommerce transactions which means there is minimal startup time.

"An efficient assortment of online products is a critical component to creating a sustainable eCommerce program. Consumer Decision Trees are a great solution for trading partners to understand online shopping behavior and then optimize assortment and page layouts accordingly," said Paul Weitzel at Inmar. "Most grocery stores with an eCommerce offering make each in-store item available online. This crowds pages and makes online shopping more difficult for consumers. Experience is everything online and shoppers quickly walk when systems are clunky. CDTs can help break through the clutter and improve the overall shopping experience online."

Inmar's CDTs On-Demand analyzes household shopping patterns from over 1.5 billion transactions (growing daily) from across the country in a matter of seconds. All categories are pre-loaded and ready to run, eliminating lengthy startup time.

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