2014 Shopper Gift Buying Trends

The holidays are officially behind us. So how did weeks of holiday marketing insanity play out among shoppers? Prior results from the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) Thanksgiving Weekend [...]


Relevance Builds Relationships

It’s true that communicating broadly with a broad audience builds awareness and can create consideration but is it enough to stimulate purchase and drive up sales volume?


The Rewards of Sharing

I find myself more and more frequently engaged in conversations these days with people who are concerned about their privacy as it pertains to technology and marketing. After spending many years [...]


The Myth of the Magic Mobile Barcode

One of the great joys of working for Inmar is the client access.  We have more than a thousand of them: all shapes and sizes, all products and verticals, all unique and different.  And, yet – so [...]

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