Even as shoppers purchase across channels — as members of multiple loyalty programs — they’re still seriously influenced by those retailers who consistently, reward loyalty.
How well are you leveraging your loyalty program to drive traffic and build repeat business?

Shoppers’ expectations regarding the benefits of loyalty program membership are high; they want marketers to know them, make their lives easier and help them make their budgets go farther.
How effectively are you delivering relevant content that shoppers see as having real value to them?

Purchase history is an excellent means to predict what a loyalty program member may buy – until they don’t. Any kind of life change will change purchase behavior, beginning with the very next basket.
How accurately are you predicting shopper behavior and modifying your promotion strategies to address change?

Not easy questions to answer – but answering them is the required first step toward establishing true consumer-connectivity and creating real competitive advantage. And the NACDS Total Store Expo will be an excellent opportunity to start this critical discussion. Schedule an appointment with us in Boston by clicking here or visit us at space #1949.

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