Inmar study on impact of promotions reveals significant differences among shopper segments regarding acquisition, use and sharing of coupons
Research conducted by Inmar — from January through June 2015 — for the Shopper Promotion Impact Report found that Hispanics and Millennials are using coupons to try new products with greater frequency than other demographic groups. Research for the report revealed several other significant differences in coupon-influenced shopping behavior between these two groups and other shopper segments. Specifically, the Inmar study found that:
Overall, eight percent of the coupons used in the first half of 2015 were used by shoppers to try a particular brand for the first time, but Hispanics and Millennials used coupons for this purpose more often than non-Hispanics and older shoppers, respectively.Inmar found that 16 percent of the coupons used by Hispanics during the first six months of the year were used for a first-time brand purchase, while only seven percent of coupons used by non-Hispanics were used for the same purpose.At the same time, 13 percent of the coupons used by Millennials were used for this kind of purchase, versus just four percent of coupons used by older shoppers.
Hispanics and Millennials also demonstrated greater engagement, compared to other shoppers, with paperless, digital offers loaded directly to their retailer loyalty accounts (L2C). According to Inmar’s research, 23 percent of the promotions that Hispanic shoppers used during the first half of 2015 were load-to-card offers. In the case of Millennials, 22 percent of the coupons they used during this period were load-to-card coupons. Among all methods, free-standing inserts (FSIs) were the most frequently used coupons in the first six months of 2015 – accounting for 30 percent of all coupons used — with Internet print-at-home coupons making up 18 percent of coupons used.
These two shopper groups were also much more active in coupon sharing than non-Hispanics and older shoppers. Among Hispanics, 23 percent of the coupons they used were given to them by another person, while 20 percent of coupons used by Millennials were acquired through sharing. By comparison, just 13 percent of the coupons used by non-Hispanics were “shared coupons” with an even smaller proportion (9%) of coupons used by older shoppers having been acquired this way.
The Shopper Promotion Impact Report, released quarterly and at year-end, comprises data collected from a continuous, monthly survey of more than 2,200 shoppers who have used a coupon (paper or digital) for a grocery item in the past 24 hours. Providing explicit behavioral data — and customizable based on client needs — this advanced analytical offering allows for a true, contextual understanding of the direct impact that promotions have on shoppers. Data are collected for 22 major categories and nearly 200 subcategories, with individual shoppers reporting about themselves with purchase behavior and motivations still top of mind.
To learn more about the Inmar Shopper Promotion Impact Report, and opportunities for customized reporting, contact your Inmar Account Team.

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