The Promotion Track for the 2015 Inmar Analytics Forum is content rich — with sessions touching on virtually every aspect of promotions. Participants in this track will have the opportunity to hear from industry leaders and Inmar subject matter experts as they offer informed perspective and deliver valuable takeaways. Here are just some of the sessions that highlight this track: 
Coupon Fraud:  Industry Experts’ Perspectives
Presenters: Bud Miller, Coupon Information Corporation and Ralph Maresco, Procter & Gamble
The bad guys are staying busy trying to find new and better ways to scam the system. This is an opportunity to learn what they’re up to and what’s being done about it throughout the industry.
Taking Loyalty to the Next Level Through Digital Engagement
Presenters: Linh Peters, SpartanNash and John Ross, Inmar
SpartanNash recently added a digital coupon program to their shopper loyalty program and have seen digital conversion and coupon redemption rates take off. This presentation will detail this success story and the Inmar/SpartanNash collaboration that made it happen.
ConAgra’s “Ready, Set, Eat:” The Perfect Recipe for Successful Consumer Relationship Marketing
Presenter: John Stichweh, ConAgra
Everyone’s trying to find the best way(s) to engage with busy shoppers, earn their loyalty and capture their information. ConAgra has established an online presence with their Ready, Set, Eat website that is doing all three and setting a new standard for successful consumer relationship marketing. This will be a chance to hear just how they’re doing it – and how they are benefitting.
Understanding ZMOT and How Shoppers Are Most Influenced Before They Get to Shelf
Presenters: Melissa Minihan, INVISTA and John Ross, Inmar
Research shows that shoppers are using as many as 12 sources of information before making a purchase decision. But which sources are most influential? And, when are shoppers most open to being influenced? This discussion will look to answer these questions and clue in participants on how to be an influencer.
Other sessions in the Promotion Track will look at:In-store compliance and successful promotion executionBetter understanding the impact of promotionsDeploying digital promotions for 1:1 shopper engagementElectronic clearing for paper couponsUnderstanding submission preferences among rebate usersThe role of coupon blogs in the promotion space
The last half day of Forum is devoted to “How To” with sessions delving into the nuts and bolts of promotion that include:Financial Settlement for Paper and Digital PromotionsPlanning and Distributing “In-Ad” CouponsBest Practices for Design and Execution of Traditional and Digital RebatesEmploying Post-Performance Analysis to Create Future PromotionsPlanning and Preparing a Promotion for DistributionDistributing Print-at-Home and Digital Promotions for Maximum Engagement The Promotion Track represents an incredible learning experience. So choose your sessions, today!

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