With retailers being fined millions of dollars for hazardous waste regulatory violations, you can’t afford not to handle every return correctly. In today’s rapidly evolving regulatory environment, it’s a challenge to keep up with which products are potential compliance risks. Inmar Haz App knows that – so you don’t have to.
Haz App is an easy-to-use, minimal-footprint, sort and stage system for quickly evaluating unsaleable products and store-level management of damaged, unsaleable products that are regulated as hazardous waste in the reverse supply chain.
Built around Inmar’s proprietary inventory management technology, Haz App employs a dedicated scanning system to provide product identification, waste categorization and storage guidance, while facilitating reporting and records management for when regulators come knocking on the door. The web-based application allows for instant access to online reports and waste container management, which can be used in coordination with your waste pickup schedules.
Beyond helping you mitigate that risk, Haz App can also maximize return on unsaleables designated as hazardous by identifying which products are available for manufacturer credit. Where some companies simply take those products straight to disposal, they often miss opportunities to get manufacturer credit.
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