Companies with a diverse workforce are better places to be.

Data now show that they are also more successful. They have more revenue – they have more customers.

The Inmar Empowering Women Foundation was created to help businesses and communities benefit from the unique contributions of women by helping to address the root cause issues that prevent women from reaching their full potential in life and business. We accomplish this mission by:

  • Assisting companies in the establishment of Empowering Women movements within their organizations
  • Working with community groups that promote the success of women and girls, both academically, professionally and personally
  • Provide coaching and development services to Inmar women associates
Jennifer Mauldin

Our Foundation is led by Executive in Residence for Empowering Women, Jennifer Mauldin, who serves in Inmar’s C-suite as President and Chief Client Officer. She brings to the Inmar Empowering Women Foundation her success and firsthand knowledge of the challenges facing women and girls. She also brings a passion for helping them, businesses and communities recognize their potential and develop plans for achieving success as they define it.

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