Inmar Supply Chain Remarketing Suite

Inmar's unique understanding of the secondary market product mix and access to customer products through Returns Management enables our industry-leading, end-to-end liquidation solution. With a dedicated team of channel representatives and a network of preferred buyers, we deliver superior asset recovery to clients using multiple channels to merchandise and sell product in the secondary market. Inmar helps clients evaluate product condition and logistics and recommends a disposition strategy that maximizes recovery value.

Inmar Supply Chain Remarketing Suite


1st Touch

Inmar receives product with the 1st Touch Advantage, we enable our clients to save money and time in moving product through the returns process.

Channel Representatives / Retail Marketing

Inmar has a web-based auction site to to drive competitive bids with a network of pre-authorized buyers.

Value-Added Services

Inmar's Value-Added Services Program combines resources to accomplish the balancing act of achieving secondary sales without sacrificing brand equity or causing channel conflict.

Yield Recovery App

Companies want the most asset recovery possible. With the Yield Recovery App, Inmar can show how much yield clients can recover from their salvage product by using our remarketing suite of services.

Yield Recovery App
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