Inmar Analytics &
Supply Chain Consulting Suite

Inmar's supply chain analysis solutions assist clients in monitoring store activity and developing programs that help minimize product returns and improve their supply chain. Inmar engineers and analysts collect and analyze data to deliver comprehensive studies about the most detailed inner workings of the customer's supply chain and those of their trading partners. These consulting studies are then used by the customer to implement packaging changes, improve distribution processes and assess the effectiveness of existing buying and selling practices.

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Field Team Analysts

Inmar's Stop, Drop and Call alerts clients within 24 hours to problems discovered in a routine inspection thus preventing issues from moving downstream.

Supply Chain Consultants

Inmar consultants collect and analyze data to deliver comprehensive studies about the inner workings of the customer's supply chain and those of their trading partners.

Field Technology

Our state-of-the-art mobile technology is uniquely suited to gather data in the warehouse environment. Inmar's technology is flexible to do individualized studies.

Data Collection

Inmar can collect data at any point in the supply chain: retail store, distribution center, or manufacturing facility.

Hidden Damage Assessment App

With Inmar's Hidden Damage Assessment App, customers can gain valuable business intelligence regarding damages within the supply chain to help make informed decisions to make corrections in packaging as need and validate their decisions to leadership.

Our service is unique because we have an experienced team of professionals trained to make purposeful observations while conducting audits. We can translate that information into actionable recommendations for our customers. HDA provides quantifiable, actionable results that validate performance or suggest improvements in product conditions.

Counterfeit Monitoring & Authentication App

Inmar Counterfeit Monitoring and Authentication App employs both proactive and responsive measures that enable manufacturers to detect, handle and minimize counterfeit activity. Using state-of-the-art tracking technology, data analysis and field audits, our solutions will help secure the integrity of your products throughout the global supply chain.

Counterfeit Monitoring & Authentication App

Policy Summary App

Inmar Policy Summary App brings to you the extensive hands-on reverse logistics and supply chain expertise we have accumulated during more than 20 years of focusing solely on returns management and supply chain analysis. The data available will present an overview of damage and expired trends at retail distribution centers and retail stores and provide sample tracking, year-over-year category performance and Adjustable Rate tracking. Inmar consultants are available to guide you through development of a policy that incorporates industry best practices, while also considering the very unique needs and objectives of your organization.

Inmar White Paper: Adjustable Rate Policy
Inmar White Paper: Adjustable Rate Policy

DC Scorecarding App

Inmar's warehouse audits are conducted on-site by logistics analysts armed with experience, technology and processes to gather data and identify problems. With audits custom designed to meet an organization's needs and budget, we can provide the data, implement measureable process enhancements that improve outbound load accuracy, increase DC employee pick accuracy, increase store efficiency by improving shipment accuracy and isolate damages prior to shipment.

DC Scorecarding App

Benchmark App

Inmar's user-friendly, one-of-a-kind online application provides multiple-level views and year-over-year trends for unit load conditions, shipper conditions and consumer unit damaged and expired.

Manufacturers and retailers can easily view and drill down to data collected from thousands of audits -- at both distribution centers and retail outlets -- for data analysis at the channel, category and sub-category levels.

Inmar Supply Chain Analytics & Consulting Benchmark App
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