Inmar Rebates Suite

At Inmar, we know what it takes to execute successful consumer promotions and have been serving the rebate needs of both manufacturers and retailers for years. Our experience is as broad as it is deep with our rebate management stretching across a number of consumer product categories and retailers.

Inmar's unmatched rebate services are especially important to our clients in regulated industries such as alcohol, pharmaceuticals and tobacco.

Our highly accurate, secure and cost-effective rebate management enables these promotions across a broad range of channels -- from traditional mail-in rebates to digitally distributed and redeemed offers.


Program Development

Inmar employs a consultative approach to help clients create, execute and assess the effectiveness and ROI for all types of rebate promotions.

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Processing and Settlement

Submission processing and validation, fraud mitigation, escheat management and reward distribution (paper, plastic or digital) are all part of Inmar's rebate program management.

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Consumer Care

Inmar's U.S.-based consumer call center allows consumers to easily obtain accurate, up-to-date information about the status of their rebate from personable, well-trained professionals.

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Rebate Management Web App

The Rebate Management Web App enables rebate sponsors to activate promotions and review offer activity.

With this App, marketers can:

  • set up offers
  • monitor submission activity
  • get complete financial reporting
  • build and save reports for export
  • see key performance metrics in a dashboard view

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Inmar Rebate Offer Management App

Consumer Rebate Center

Inmar's new online Consumer Rebate Center enables clients to create a fully branded consumer experience seamlessly linked to their websites or Facebook pages. Clients can customize the site to promote rebate offers, execute paperless rebates, and maintain consumer relations.

At the Center, consumers can:

  • submit paperless rebates and upload receipts
  • track their rebate submissions
  • complete pre-submission requirements

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Inmar Consumer Rebate Center
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