Inmar Healthcare Returns Suite

For more than 25 years, Inmar's healthcare returns solutions have provided trading partners unique opportunities to manage risk, reduce cost and minimize environmental impact. Inmar's One Touch Advantage® program, combined with unparalleled access to data and patent-pending technologies, delivers efficiencies that improve the supply chains for pharmaceutical manufacturers, wholesalers and retail and hospital pharmacies.




Physical Processing

Inmar handles outdated, damaged, withdrawn and discontinued products, product retrievals and reverse-to-forward fulfillment.

Financial Settlement

Inmar provides debit and credit solutions, policy consulting, claims processing, check writing and financial reconciliation invoicing.

Disposition Management

Inmar ensures compliant disposition for DEA, EPA and USDA regulated products, provides waste characterization, recall management and counterfeit detection.

Fully-Licensed Returns Facilities

Inmar has fully licensed facilities in US and Canada for handling pharmaceutical returns. US facilities are VAWD certified.

VAWD Certified 

Rx Retailer Returns Management Web App

Inmar is the leading provider of technology-driven reverse logistics to 24,000 retail pharmacies, three major wholesalers, and top retail pharmacy chains. We provide a comprehensive reverse solution that includes One Touch Advantage® efficient processing, automated sortation and shipping, benchmarking information intelligence and online returns management. With our returns management solution for retailers and wholesalers, clients gain flexible access to current and historical returns data at NDC, store and/or corporate levels as well as online reconciliation, benchmarks and shipment tracking.

Rx Retailer Returns Management Web App

Rx Manufacturer Returns Management Web App

Inmar offers a comprehensive returns management solution for manufacturers that's includes flexible access to current and historical returns data at NDC, customer, labeler and/or corporate levels. It also includes online reconciliation with the ability to track, sort and view return authorizations (RA) according to status. Plus, the return authorization feature provides ability to create RAs and print RA box labels and check the status of an RA.

Rx Manufacturer Returns Management Web App

Rx Returns Analytics Web App

This powerful application provides on-demand visibility to current and historical returns information, including recall participation, product withdrawals and policy management. Patent-pending technology allows users to establish Watch Lists to monitor returns based on specific criteria. And, a highly intuitive design and flexible navigation provide access to data and reports from a corporate-wide perspective or by store/department.

Inmar Rx Returns Analytics App

Rx Invoice Management Web App

Inmar's Invoice Management App makes it easy to manage and research invoices for Rx, OTC and Consumer Goods through one online system. Flexible view, filter, sort and print options provide easier and quicker access to multiple customers' individual invoices.

Inmar Rx Invoice Management App

Rx Haz App

Inmar is working to promote compliance for unsaleable pharmaceutical product handling among retailers with the introduction of Inmar Rx Haz App – an easy-to-use, minimal-footprint, sort and stage system for the returns of unsaleable products and store-level management of damaged and expired unsaleable products that are regulated as hazardous waste and/or non-viable product.

Built around Inmar's proprietary inventory management technology, Inmar Rx Haz App employs a dedicated scanning system to provide product identification, waste categorization and storage guidance, while facilitating reporting and records management. The system's online portal allows for instant access to stored reports and pick-up schedules.

Inmar Rx Haz App
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