Inmar Pharmacy Financial Management Suite

Inmar provides pharmacies and health systems of all sizes apps that include claim reconciliation, exception management and patent-pending technology for managing contracts and pharmacy business intelligence. Third-Party Reconciliation manages claims and payment reconciliation services for pharmacies to ensure appropriate reimbursement from healthcare carriers. Contract Management provides pharmacies with detailed analytics that allow more favorable contract negotiations with carriers through contract database management, contract rate reconciliation and contract profitability and performance management. Inmar is the only provider that services national, large, medium and small retail pharmacy chains, health systems, retail buying groups, independent pharmacies and long-term care facilities.


Financial Settlement

Inmar provides debit and credit solutions, policy consulting, claims processing, check writing and financial reconciliation invoicing.

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Risk Management

Inmar protects PHI and adheres to HITECH and HIPAA regulations as well as provide services to help prevent overpayments.

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Reconciliation Web App

Inmar is the leading provider of revenue management services to over 12,000 pharmacies nationwide. Our claims reconciliation, exception workflow management, business intelligence tools and patent-pending contract management solutions help improve reimbursement, profitability and payer compliance.

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Contract Management Web App

Maintaining profitability is always a top focus for pharmacies and the current industry trends are making that even more critical at this time. Without the right knowledge and tools, pharmacies cannot negotiate better rates to increase profitability. Inmar's Pharmaceutical Contract Management provides pharmacies with the leverage needed to work with carriers for better reimbursement rates.

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Audit Management Web App

Inmar's Rx Audit Management Web App enables pharmacies to manage audits from pharmacy payers through a workflow process to quantify audits, identify claims, negotiate and manage take-backs in the payment data streams. Pharmacies need reports and dashboards that offer quantitative results as well as insight into industry benchmark and trends. Clients also gain information on carrier contract compliance with complete audit volume and frequency. Inmar's web also delivers predictive analytics to identify which claims may be targeted for audits based on historical data and uses audit intelligence to implement controls in the dispensing process.

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Independent Rx Recon Web App

Third-party pharmacy reconciliation is an important business practice for community pharmacies. Independent pharmacies have less time and resources to manage reconciliation and are more at risk as business owners. Rx Recon is a secure web-based reconciliation solution available to community pharmacies. Rx Recon is a best-in-class application allowing pharmacies to search for claims and view trends for their store and help identify financial risk from open and overpaid of claims.

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Central Pay Web App

The central pay app streamlines funds disaggregation for the pharmacy industry, whether the payments are from third-party claims, rebates, MTM, etc. By utilizing Inmar's Central Pay app, clients reduce the possibility of misplaced checks or employee theft. Eliminates the expense around paper check processing and provides auditable tracking for payments.

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